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Game Preview: Liquid Football vs Futsal Factory Academy

Prepare for an exhilarating showdown as Liquid Football readies itself for the much-anticipated home opener against Futsal Factory Academy at Gabriel Richard High School this Sunday at 5 p.m. This match, the second of the season for Liquid Football, follows a thrilling encounter with the Michigan Stars that was unfortunately cut short due to an injury to Liquid Football’s Kellen Landefeld. However, in the 20 minutes they played, Liquid demonstrated their potential, dominating the field with the most chances and possession.

In Football Factory’s most recent game on Friday night, they faced off against Livonia City FC, resulting in a captivating 2-2 tie. Despite a 1-0 halftime deficit and a 2-0 setback due to a bad back pass, Futsal Factory demonstrated their unwavering spirit, refusing to give up and ultimately leveling the game 2-2.

Let's reminisce on the triumphs of last season, when Liquid Football’s first home game was also against Futsal Factory, which Liquid won 2-1. The game was a nail-biter, with Waseem Muthana opening the scoring in the 30th minute when he received the ball in the area and used his body to shield it while turning to create space for him to shoot. His shot beat the keeper, and it was 1-0 Liquid. Five minutes later, a penalty kick was called on Liquid Football, and Futsal Factory converted to make it 1-1 going into halftime. The second half was controlled mainly by Liquid with the help of Cyrus Saydee and Bosh Tanyi, who were subbed on at halftime. Liquid Football scored the winning goal in the 86th minute after Tanyi stole the ball from a defender and was one-on-one with the keeper. He passed it to Saydee, who was wide open in the middle, and tapped it in to make it 2-1 Liquid.

Last year, Liquid had a rough start to the season, but the Futsal Factory game righted the ship and started a nine-game unbeaten streak to end the season. This season, they are 0-1 so far after getting blown out by the Thundercats in the first game of the season 4-1. Can this be the get-right game Liquid Football needs? Liquid also has had a two-week break between games. They have been training multiple times a week, but will that be enough to keep the rust off? 

Kellen Landefeld used the extended time between games to recover from his injury. He is back practicing with the squad and will likely play on Sunday.

Futsal Factory is a multi-state club mainly for futsal and boasts a strong roster of players. Among them are keeper Robert Dameron and Ben Pritchard, who have been instrumental in their past successes. The men’s outdoor team, which has many returning players, also play for their men’s futsal team in the National Futsal Premier League. FFA lost to eventual champions, Grand Rapids Ole this past season in the NFPL semifinals. 

Liquid Football will take on Futsal Factory at Gabriel Richard High School stadium in Riverview, Michigan, on Sunday, June 2, at 8 p.m. Tickets can be purchased at the gate for $5.  

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