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Game Preview: Liquid Football vs Ypsi Yetis

Liquid Football (1-1-1) is gearing up for a quick turn-around match against Ypsi Yetis (0-4) just two days after their previous game against the Michigan Jaguars at Gabriel Richard Catholic High School in Riverview. In their recent match, Liquid Football secured a 4-2 victory over the Jaguars with the help of a Dehane Gnonrou hattrick and an Atou Dia header. This win marks their first victory of the season, and they are now focused on building momentum as they prepare to face the Ypsi Yetis, who are coming off a 1-0 loss against Futsal Factory Academy, whom Liquid tied 1-1.

The Ypsi Yetis, a new expansion team in the MWPL, has had a challenging start to the season by playing all the teams in the top half of the table. With a young team primarily composed of college players, they have struggled to score goals, finding the net only once in four games. However, their defensive resilience is evident as they have only conceded six goals. Despite their limited possession, their solid defense has been notable.

The players to watch on Ypsi are keeper Eli Sizemore and attacking midfielder Gustavo Lira. Sizemore has been excellent in the net when he has played, and with the help of the stout defense, he could be challenging for the Liquid offense. 

Lira is a dangerous right winger who isn't afraid to take defenders on. He often makes penetrating runs and likes to cut inside. 

Liquid’s recent addition of Kellen Landefeld in the central midfield has been a revelation, which is significant since George Chomakov is out injured. He and Dylan Wismont did a great job controlling the midfield and distributing the ball in the previous game against the Jags. 

This upcoming match against the Ypsi Yetis presents a significant opportunity for Liquid Football to climb up the standings and build upon the momentum gained from their recent win over the Michigan Jaguars.

The match is the Yeti’s home opener and will start at 6 p.m. on Sunday, June 9, at Saline High School. Tickets are on sale now online and in person. 

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