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Liquid Football started with the idea that a club can be built successfully by players, coaches, and those who have been on the field. A project that had been in our minds for many years, we decided to make it a reality in April of 2022. We decided to focus on building the club "from the pitch up" with a year of preparation to make it happen.

Our team has experience in NPSL, NISA, USL Championship, MWPL, UPSL, NCAA D1, ECNL, and more. We know the landscape, we know how different teams and organizations operate, and we have been successful at all levels. So we thought: "Let's take everything we have learned and create something from scratch."




A club built from the pitch-up, by players for players. When the ownership side shares the values and vision learned on the pitch, we give ourselves the best chance at long term sustainability.


Our goal is to be an organization that represents the culturally rich metro Detroit area, using soccer as an inclusive force. 


We are regular people. We make mistakes, we try to improve daily, and most importantly, we are open-minded. We respect referees and opponents, and we put character above anything else.


Basically, we are a group of friends who said, "let's do something different and focus on the one thing that we know how to do best: football."  We keep the rest simple. We cover our costs, we make it enjoyable, and we play liquid football. We always remember the most important part: let's just have fun. Simply put, we see an opportunity to provide a great experience for interested players, without them having to worry about being part of another organization that puts the business side first.

We care about our community; without Metro Detroit, there is no Liquid Football. We aim to represent our cities rich history with a diverse, inclusive club, that demonstrates the hard work and resiliency of our area. By working with community leaders and local businesses on a multitude of high-impact initiatives, Liquid Football strives to serve those that make everything possible: Our Community.

The Crest


Blue and Beige, our colors for season one. 

Wolf wearing a traditional laurel wreath, as used by the Romans to recognize sporting achievements.

Liquid Football Logo Final.png

Wolf creates a wave to tie in the liquid part of Liquid Football. Our goal is to play an entertaining style, fluid and smooth in nature.



The Midwest Premier League is a  semiprofessional soccer league that spans through all portions of midwestern United States. The league was established in 2019, and occupies a tier below the three professional tiers of the US Soccer pyramid.


The league is also one of the fastest-growing leagues in the country. For its 2024 season,  the Midwest Premier League includes almost 40 teams divided in 4 conferences, with Liquid Football being part of the Great Lakes East conference.

Liquid Football plays home matches at Gabriel Richard Catholic High School in Riverview, Michigan. The state of the art facility is also our dedicated training ground.

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