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Game Preview: Liquid Football vs Cedars FC

The highly anticipated match between Liquid Football (1-1-2) and Cedars FC (2-0) will take place at Fordson High School on Saturday night. The excitement is palpable. All eyes will be on both teams' key players, each with unique strengths and strategies, as they gear up for this thrilling showdown.

Liquid is coming off a disappointing 2-2 draw against the Ypsi Yetis last week. Yetis were 0-4 going into the game and had only scored one goal. That would all change going into their home opener against Liquid. They dominated the first half, but it was 0-0 going into halftime. The second half started, and the Yetis, with their disciplined defense and quick counter-attacks, pounced on a sleepwalking Liquid Football and scored in the first minute of the second half. Liquid, not to be outdone, equalized 20 minutes later off a header from a freekick by Atou Dia. Three minutes later, the Yetis responded to make it 2-1 with a great through ball, which allowed Yeti forward Joe O’Sullivan to tap it in. Liquid had a response of their own 10 minutes later to save a point by smashing home a scramble in the box and making it 2-2. 

Cedars FC, a team that has only played two games so far, is already making waves in the league. In their last game on June 1, they showcased their potential by defeating Troy United 4-1. This victory was not just a win but a statement of their growing strength and potential. Ahmad Hamad, in particular, was the standout player. He scored a hat trick within the last 15 minutes of the game, demonstrating his ability to turn the tide of a match single-handedly. 

Last season, Liquid played Cedars at home, and Waseem Muthana single-handedly lifted Liquid over Cedars by scoring four goals, two within the last few minutes of the game, which ended 4-2. It was a must-win game for Liquid to keep pace with Inter Detroit in the title race. With the win, Liquid temporarily jumped Inter and took first place. This match was a turning point in their season, and a similar result this time could have a significant impact on the league standings, making it a game of utmost importance, not to be missed. 

Cedars FC has undergone a significant transformation this year, bolstering their squad with new players and a new head coach, Sam Pirane. Pirane, a seasoned coach who previously led the Detroit City FC women’s team, brings a fresh perspective and new strategies to the team. These changes are set to make the upcoming match against Liquid Football a thrilling and unpredictable one, sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Michigan soccer legend Sonny Saad, who played in the MLS and for the Lebanese national team, is another notable addition to their squad. He played just 15 minutes in Cedars’ first game against Inter Detroit, scoring two goals. Although he may not play, it will still be something to prepare for. 

Despite the numerous injuries in the squad, including the likely absence of central midfielder captain George Chomakov, Liquid Football remains a resilient team. The game against Cedars will be played at Fordson High School in Dearborn on Saturday, June 15, at 7 p.m.

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