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Liquid Football Tryouts - Six Players Signed to Inaugural Roster

LIVONIA- Liquid Football held its first tryout Sunday afternoon. Over sixty players with a wide range of playing experience were in attendance. The tryout was held at Trinity Health Sports Dome at Schoolcraft College. The players were split into six teams and played 20-minute games on three fields, where they rotated in a round robin format. The level of play was high and made for some tough decisions for the Liquid Football staff.

“We were really happy with the turnout and the quality of the players we had come out. From our part, we wanted to give everyone a fair chance of being looked at and also put on an event that they were happy with…I do believe we achieved those goals and players can say that our tryout was a real opportunity. We look forward to adding some of these players to our roster.” Coach Javi Bautista said.

Liquid Football offered six players the opportunity to be on the roster and another six players a summer training opportunity.

"We are excited that we identified six players who we felt would be a good fit for our roster. We are focused on being one of the most competitive clubs in the league and these six players will play a big part in that. The tryout was a massive success. Not only did we add to our roster, but we provided an opportunity to some players who we felt were ones to keep an eye on for the future. And best of all, we gave players specific feedback on how we felt they performed so they can continue to improve for future opportunities." Co-Founder, George Chomakov said.

Team training will start mid-April and the first match is slated for May 6th. The Midwest Premier League schedule will be released in April with the club set to play a total of twelve matches.

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