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Liquid Football Heating Up

GROSSE  POINTE WOODS- Liquid Football (3-2-1) beat Michigan Jaguars (2-4-0) 2-1 Thursday night at University Liggett School in Grosse Pointe Woods.

It was a cold rainy night at Liggett on Thursday. After a 30-minute lightning delay and heavy rains, the clouds went away, and it stopped raining as soon as both teams walked out of their respective locker rooms. The soccer gods were looking down at Joseph P. Henley Field that night. 

Liquid Football looked like the best team early. They had the majority of the possession. The first half was a battle of attrition in midfield. Both teams were feeling each other out and were doing a good job defensively. 

Both teams had good chances throughout the first half. From Jags, they came from balls played through the defense into a player who had made a run, while the opportunities from Liquid Football came from crosses from the wings. 

The game started getting chippy towards the end of the first half when George Chomakov and Waseem Muthana received yellow cards. It settled down just in time for halftime. The score was still 0-0. 

The second half started, and Liquid Football dominated the second half. They were getting the majority of the opportunities and were on the Jaguars' end for the majority of the time. The Jags keeper had a great game. He made some fantastic saves on multiple occasions to deny what looked like sure goals from Bosh Tanyi. 

The clean sheet wasn’t in the cards for the Jags. Bosh Tanyi received a pass, beat a defender, and took it down the sideline. He headed toward the goal, and as the keeper came out to challenge him, he slotted it near post to put Liquid Football up 1-0 in the 79th minute.

Once Liquid Football scored, they let their foot off the gas. The Jags needed a goal and started pressing hard. They began to build momentum in the last ten minutes. The Jags earned a free kick in a dangerous area in stoppage time. All the Jags got into the box. The Jags goalie took the free kick and put it into the box. It was temporarily cleared, but it fell to a Jags player, who passed it to a player in the box. Liquid Football keeper Esmail Haidan came out to challenge, but he couldn't hold on. The ball bounced out to the top of the box with a wide-open net due to Haidan being on the ground. He shoots, but it hits the crossbar's underside, bouncing down and out. Liquid Football clears for a throw-in. The Jags throw-in goes into the box, which Haidan punches away. With that, the referee blew the final whistle. A crazy finish, but Liquid Football escaped with three points by the score of 1-0. 

It was a big win. It gives Liquid Football a little breathing room in the table. That is two in a row for Liquid Football. Their next game is away at Holland Rovers on Saturday.

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