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A Chance to Get Back on Track

Liquid Football looks to get back on track as they play Detroit Union at Waterford Mott High School on Saturday, May 20th. Kickoff is at 7PM.

The last game was a tough loss to defending champions Inter Detroit last Friday at Gabriel Richard High School. Inter Detroit dominated, jumping ahead 3-0 in the first half. After halftime, Liquid Football made some changes and looked like a completely different team in the second half. They controlled most of the possession. Liquid Football pulled one back, but it was too little too late. The final score was 3-1.

Detroit Union lost to Fort Wayne Sport Club 1927 5-0 last week. Fort Wayne scored their first three goals within eight minutes at the end of the first half, including a brace by Higor Barbieri. The second two goals came a minute into the second half and in the 68th minute. Detroit Union was 1-6-3 last season. Union won their first match in their final game of the season against BIH Grand Rapids 1-0.

Union is a young team from all over southeast Michigan. They have recruited players of varying experience and skill to their roster. For 18/33 players on their roster, this will be their first season with Detroit Union. Many of their players have MWPL or above experience. If they show up with their full roster, they can be a dangerous team. A Liquid Football first, we are breaking news about another team. Detroit Union haven’t updated their website or social media since last season, so we thought it would be helpful to the fans to see Detroit Union’s roster.

1. Abdukwahab Shagera

2. Adam Shetiah

3. Alex Ofeimu

4. Andri Myftari

5. Anthony Waller

6. Brendan Flannell

7. Chase Clark

8. Connor Sturgess

9. Craig Fritz Jr.

10. Ethan Collins

11. Hector Aguirre

12. James Clarke

13. Javad Alavi

14. JeRonn Body

15. Joe Daulby

16. Jordan Murray

17. Kevin Tapchom *

18. Lachlan Hepburn

19. Leo Castro

20. Liam Holloway

21. Lincoln Judge

22. Marcos Garcia

23. Mohamed Bouslah

24. Mohammed Salman

25. Owen Turner

26. Pedro Bottene

27. Robert Wright

28. Ryan Bovee

29. Tarek Menad

30. Trevor Roeske

31. Zacary Kelly

32. Zackaria Hussain

33. Zephyn Brockert-Kress

Players to Watch

Detroit Union

Lachlan Hepburn: Flint City Bucks, Former Detroit City FC U-23 starter.

Pedro Bottene: Former Michigan Stars U-23 player.

Zacary Kelly: Former Lansing Common starting goalkeeper.

Liquid Football

Wail Algahim: Algahim Came off the bench against Inter Detroit. He helped change the momentum and provided the assist on the lone goal for Liquid Football.

Xavier Walser: Walser came off the bench against Inter Detroit and made an impact by scoring Liquid Football’s only goal.

Hasib Lekic: It will likely be Lekic’s debut after not playing in the first two games due to prior commitments. The center-back is a strong addition to Liquid Football's back line.

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