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Liquid Football Falls to Thundercats SC 4-1

CHESTERFIELD, Mich-- In their first game of the 2024 season, Liquid Football lost to Thundercats 4-1 at Anchor Bay High School in Chesterfield Friday night.

What started as a warm day quickly turned into a cold, windy night as Liquid Football traveled to Chesterfield to take on the Thundercats. They were expecting a challenging game because they played a hard-fought game in a crucial match for the title race last season, which Liquid Football won 3-2. Additionally, they made some good offseason signings, so they had an excellent team on paper consisting mainly of Vardar and young college players.

From the moment the game kicked off, both teams were locked in a fierce battle for possession, creating an electrifying atmosphere. The pace settled after ten minutes, with Liquid Football seizing the opportunity to develop several heart-stopping chances, although they couldn't convert them into goals. The game took a dramatic turn 25 minutes in when a Thundercats player found himself unmarked in the middle, granting him ample space to take a shot from 30 yards out. The ball soared into the top corner of the net, leaving Liquid keeper Esmail Haidan helpless. The score stood at 1-0 in favor of Thundercats.

After some strategic changes, Liquid Football began to take control of the game. They created most of the chances throughout the rest of the first half, but unfortunately, none of their opportunities found the back of the net. The halftime score was 1-0.

The second half saw a balanced play, with both teams creating opportunities to score. It was in the 69th minute that Liquid Football showcased their teamwork and skill. Cyrus Saydee executed a perfect through ball to Dehane Gnonrou, who swiftly ran down the left wing. Gnonrou, finding himself in a prime position, confidently slotted the ball past the keeper, bringing the score to 1-1.

Liquid Football built some momentum and created many chances, but a few moments later, a mistimed tackle in the box and it was called a penalty. The Thundercats converted to make it 2-1.

Six minutes later, the Thundercats struck again with another long-range goal from 25 yards, curling into the far corner to make it 3-1. Liquid continued to press, but two minutes later, it was caught on the counterattack, and a fourth goal came from just outside the box to put the game away for the Thundercats.

There was some controversy late in the game. The Thundercats keeper handled the ball outside of the box, and the referee called a free kick. Liquid took it quickly, and Sebastian Blanco scored, but the referee called it back because he wanted to do a ceremonial free kick, which allowed the Thundercats’ defense to get set and repel the danger.

At the final whistle, the Thundercats beat Liquid Football 4-1.

Liquid Football looks to bounce back in its next game against the Michigan Stars U-23. The game will be played at The Michigan Stars Sportsplex in Washington Township on Friday, May 17, at 7:30 p.m.


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