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Game Preview: Liquid Football at Michigan Stars

Liquid Football (3-1-2) and the Michigan Stars (5-1-1) are set to play their highly anticipated rescheduled match. This midweek clash, following a 4th of July bye week, is a significant event in the season schedule. The previous fixture at the beginning of the season was postponed due to an unfortunate incident involving Liquid center midfielder Kellen Landefeld. An unfortunate injury caused the postponement of the match.

Since the incident at the beginning of the season, the Michigan Stars have been on a winning streak and are currently in second place. On the other hand, Liquid Football, despite some inconsistencies, has shown a significant performance surge, winning back-to-back games. This resurgence is a promising sign that the team is regaining its form and is ready to compete with renewed vigor and determination. 

Liquid Football is coming off a dominant 4-0 win against Troy United, which has bolstered the team's confidence. Both teams needed to win the game to keep their hopes alive of getting back into the title race. Liquid came out on top and extended their unbeaten streak to six games. 

In the Michigan Stars’ last match, they beat the Michigan Jaguars 5-1, a dominant game for the Stars. Recently, the Stars signed three new players: Javi Steinwasher, Grant Mateer, and Luis Sala. Steinwasher is the cousin of Detroit City’s starting goalkeeper, Nate Steinwasher, and has been a lower league journeyman with experience in USL2. Mateer has had trials in Europe and played MLS Next with FC Cincinnati. Luis Sala played for OCFC and played at Michigan State with Kellen Landefeld. They were significant contributors in the win against the Jags. 

Last season, Liquid Football beat the Stars 2-1 in a significant match with title implications. With the win, Liquid jumped the Stars and moved into second place. The Stars are in second this year, but the game is just as important—a make-or-break game for Liquid. The Stars are seeking revenge for last season and the rescheduling of this match, making this a high-stakes battle for both teams. 

This game is a massive game for the Stars too. If they win, they are one step closer to the title.

Liquid Football's game against the Michigan Stars will be played on Tuesday, July 9, at 7 p.m. at the Michigan Stars Sportsplex outdoor field in Washington Township.

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